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Synaco is a leading recruitment agency specialising in labour hire in a multitude of industry sectors including manufacturing, logistics, defence and technology, construction, mining and resources.

manufacturing industry


Delivering a multitude of skills, trades, and support personnel to compliment your needs.

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mining industry


Largely supporting Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland for shutdowns and FIFO.

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Creating construction in residential, commercial, infrastructure, and civil sectors.

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construction industry


Nationwide clients, from rural locations to capital cities. Providing a range of labour hire roles every month.

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logistics industry


Always searching for experienced candidates within the supply chain industry.

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Trade Assistant / EWP Spotters / Sentry Perth, Australia Go to Job
Boilermaker Wetherill Park, Sydney, Australia Go to Job
Park Attendant Gosnells, Perth, Australia Go to Job
Precast QA – Pre Pour Wetherill Park, Sydney, Australia Go to Job
2nd Class Welder Tingalpa, Brisbane, Australia Go to Job
Safety Advisor Rockhampton, Australia Go to Job
Land Surveyor Osborne Park, Perth, Australia Go to Job
CNC Operator Gillman, Adelaide, Australia Go to Job
Industrial Spray Painters / Blasters Gillman, Adelaide, Australia Go to Job
Underground Electrician Mackay, Australia Go to Job
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Your Dedicated Recruitment Partner

Synaco Global Recruitment fills a wide variety of permanent and contract roles with a dedicated focus to delivering the best talent across Australia. The industry sectors that we focus on but not limited to are manufacturing, logistics, defence and technology, construction, infrastructure, mining, and resources. We have scope and coverage throughout Australia, with an active presence in both State and Territory capitals as well as regional hubs and communities.

Our dedicated teams of passionate and trusted recruitment professionals can help support you in finding a role that is suitable not only to your experience but also one that we aim to meet your work lifestyle commitments too. Our service in recruitment and consulting is second to none, demonstrated by the attention we dedicate to our candidates, listening to all your needs and presenting reliable and quality opportunities that meet your skills profile and our client’s needs.

Synaco also has a dedicated team servicing our existing clients and industry sectors for more traditional white collar and permanent opportunities. We have a dedicated team working within our, based in Sydney, cares for our professional environment – supporting the needs of account management, finance, information technology, engineering, sales, and office support.

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As a united team of experienced employment consultants, Synaco and S&You are committed to working together with our clients and customers to reach their goals simultaneously. Whether you are a candidate looking for a new job in a thriving industry sector, or an employer seeking the best talent from across Australia, we are here to help.

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The best talent

A Recruitment Agent With A Difference

A key point of difference in our service to candidates and clients is that we free ourselves from all the performance metrics typically applied within our industry. We focus only on being accountable for our service standards at an individual level. We are dedicated to our applicants, and work closely with them through the job application process and also when they begin their new role. We stay the journey with our candidates in their search for a new role and furthermore when they find it, as a trusted advisor and long-term supporter.

We also stay local to our people, hosting operations in major capital cities but also regional locations such as Mackay, Rockhampton, Kalgoorlie and Geraldton to name a few. Synaco teams are on the ground and active in the community, ready to help when called upon.

It is this approach that has seen Synaco and our colleagues grow over the course of the past 10 years. As one of Australia’s leading recruitment agencies, Synaco now employs 1000’s of people every year and supports over 300 host employers nationwide – nearly all of whom have either referred family and friends to Synaco or are industry partners searching for their next hire.

To access Synaco’s industry experience and connections, contact one of our recruitment specialists today. Let’s create a better future together!

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Work-related violence is a major issue for the workplace. When it occurs, physical or psychological injury can result and sometimes be fatal; along with economic and social costs to victims as well their families' businesses in addition to wider communities who suffer too when employees are injured on duty.

Work-related violence covers a range of actions and behaviours that create risks to the health and safety of workers.

Examples include:
• Biting, spitting, scratching, hitting, kicking
• Throwing objects
• Pushing, shoving, tripping, grabbing
• Verbal threats
• Armed robbery
• Sexual assault
• Attacking with knives, guns, clubs, or any type of weapon.

This occupational hazard must always be managed carefully but also without exception so that no one gets hurt at work.

#safeworkmonth #thinkworkbesafe
Our Adelaide staff were proud to be at the Make A Difference Foundation 2021 Charity Gala, held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on the 23rd of October.

The MADF foundation is a not-for-profit that partners with the Flinders Foundation. Their goal is to activate the revitalisation of the Child Protection Facility at the Flinders Medical Centre.

Synaco Global Recruitment is a gold sponsor and looks forward to the continual support to this incredible foundation.
There are many ways that bullying at work can be harmful to the person being bullied and also those who see it happening. The effects of this type of behavior will vary depending on individual characteristics as well as specific situations, but they all have one thing in common: people should never feel like going through their day-to-day lives with a constant sense that someone else is threatening them just because he or she doesn't agree with how things are run around here! 

As a worker, you have a duty to:

• Take reasonable care for your own health and safety while at work.
• Take reasonable care that your acts don’t negatively affect the health and safety of others.
• Follow any reasonable instruction given by the person who conducts a business or undertaking (PCBU).
• Co-operate with any reasonable policies and procedures of the PCBU, for example a bullying policy.

#safeworkmonth #thinkworkbesafe
Stress at work is a psychosocial hazard that can cause physical, mental or emotional responses. For instance: feeling as if you are under-manned for the requirements of your job and don't have all available resources to complete it; experiencing anxiety about getting things done on time because they're not simple enough anyway - these feelings might lead someone with this type of perception into burnout territory quickly!

Health outcomes linked to stress include:
• Mental health conditions.
• Musculoskeletal disorders.
• Cardiovascular disease.
• Immune deficiency disorders.
• Gastrointestinal disorders.

You might not be able to change the stressors in your life, but it's important for you and other people that work with or around you to have an understanding of what is happening. Talk about these factors so they know how best to help when things get tough.

#safeworkmonth #thinkworkbesafe
Fatigue is an inevitable part of the workforce. Even for those who work in less physically demanding jobs, it can be hard to stay awake and motivated when you're tired every day. Fatigued workers are more likely to make mistakes on their shift or miss deadlines because they don't have enough energy left over from yesterday's long hours at desk duty.

Workers have a duty to take reasonable care for their own safety and health and make sure their acts or omissions don’t adversely affect the health or safety of others.

#safeworkmonth #thinkworkbesafe
Finalists have been selected for the Synaco Safety Award in 2021 Queensland Community Achievement Awards. The passion of people who are committed to making our state a better place is what drives this award, and we can't wait!

Don't forget you can also vote for your favourites! There is chance to vote on all the finalists, and whoever gets the most votes will become 2021 People's Choice Award Winner: https://awardsaustralia.app.do/21-pplchoice-qldcaa 


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