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A New Recruitment Agency is Born

Synaco Recruitment was not a job agency that boomed overnight. Identifying the need for change after the GFC in the recruitment services industry, Managing Director, Mike Otty, started the company from humble beginnings in 2012. Staying true to a values-based service methodology, Mike quickly sought the experience of trusted industry professionals. Thus our Adelaide team was born. Many of our team members from that time are with us today.

On the success of a growing Adelaide recruitment agency and a client base that had an affinity with Darwin market, we were led to start a labour hire operation in the Northern Territory in 2013, where we have been present ever since – supporting local business and local government in this region thrive.

Becoming a Leader Among Employment Agencies

By 2014, our original business name Acorn underwent a transformation and rebranded to be closer aligned to our parent group Synergie, which is a listed Euronext NYSE business operating in 18 countries globally. From a combination of the two words – which stand for ‘the power of teamwork and the symbol of strength and potential’ – the word Synaco was born. The logo is made up of a white square in a red square, which represents the many building blocks that are required to formulate a strong business. Key to this are the people, represented by the white square at the centre.

October 2015 is when Synaco stretched its network into Western Australia with the acquisition of B2B Engineering – a specialist in resources and mining jobs, founded on the same values as our own. Later rebranded to Synaco Resources, it is now a business that has grown to twice its size, providing a range of services in the resources sector nationwide. A year later, Synaco expanded with offices firmly established in Geraldton and Perth.

In 2018 the business continued to grow largely by referral on the back of the great work that our employees were enabled to facilitate. Synaco became the 7th largest revenue contributor to our global group, with a turnover record of $48m after barely five years. This sustained and solid growth gave us the appetite and ability to further expand our national network with the acquisition of Entire Recruitment in 2019, a recruitment agency active in complimentary industry sectors in New South Wales and Queensland. As of mid 2022, Synaco launched into the Victorian market, now servicing a wide range of regional and local cliental.

Synaco continues to grow year by year.

Our Story is Your Success

As a recruitment agent, we offer a wide range of benefits that give our clients and candidates what they need, when they need it. We are different from other recruitment agencies in that we put their needs before our own. We make time to know our candidates, to understand their needs and true motivators, ensuring our consultants have the time to focus on this. Our clients rely heavily on Synaco being accessible when needed, and having a candidate-first approach. This means we can be depended upon to be accountable for their needs.

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Our Values

Value Our Partners

We always work in the best interest of our partners because they enable us to do what we love each day. This means listening to and knowing our customers, as well as the men and women who share their career path with us – providing support and encouragement.

Team Spirit

Our collective commitment is to work with our customers, candidates, and temporary workers to reach their goals together. We know that our performance depends on the quality and complementary skills of our people.


The diversity of our workforce is our major strength. Our success can be directly attributed to the quality and skills of our people, who possess a variety of personal attributes, backgrounds, skills, relationships and abilities. Synaco’s unique mix of locations, services and demographics allows us to showcase our diverse workforce.


Our ambition is to achieve our customers’ goals, allowing us to build and maintain strong relationships over time. The major source of our satisfaction and success is the ability to reveal and promote the skills and personalities of our permanent employees, candidates, and temporary workers.

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Synaco Global Recruitment have a wide range of jobs available nationwide.

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