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Proudly part of a 53-year-old global workforce solutions team, Synaco has the reach and multi-specialist expertise to source Australia’s most sought-after talent across an expanding number of growth industries. Focused on providing true value to our clients, we utilise our extended knowledge and influence that includes a network of dedicated industry professionals, market intelligence, and cutting-edge technology.

Providing recruitment services Australia wide, we work with both large and small employers in a variety of industry verticals across both the private and public sectors. Utilising this experience, we lead, coach, and educate our clients, enabling them to overcome the evolving challenge of attracting the best global talent through their doors.

Synaco will work with you at all levels: from assistance at peak periods; to the recruitment of key personnel; and the development of your workforce. We do not just offer an end-to-end solution; we provide a service that has a continued commitment throughout the recruitment and on-boarding process, all the way to a conclusion of an assignment or a passed probation. Our recruitment agents take the time to understand you and the entirety of your business, industry, and culture, shaping solutions that cater to your needs.

Our Diversity, Our Strength

As part of our recruitment initiative, our indigenous and social inclusion strategy is designed to achieve positive engagement that develops and supports the needs of our clients, the community, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in a meaningful way. We achieve this through our Indigenous Engagement collaborative partnerships. Reducing cultural gaps and encouraging cultural awareness are important issues when ensuring long-term opportunities are available to indigenous people.

At Synaco, we view the diversity of our workforce as a major strength, giving our teams greater understanding, empathy, and tolerance, in addition to enhancing our productivity and team performance. Our success as a business is a direct reflection of the quality and skills of our people who provide a variety of perspectives, skills, experience, relationships, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual preference and disability, to everything we do. And our unique mix of locations, services, and demographic enables and showcases our diverse workforce.

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A Hands-On Job Recruitment Agency

Synaco’s commitment begins with partnering with like-minded clients in providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. The commonality of our shared goals provides a supportive forum for all parties to communicate within. Robust recruitment processes also ensure the best possible match between our employees and clients.

We take every possible opportunity to spend time in the field with our candidates and clients because it is important to be present, accountable, and available at the core of what we do. This includes attending site pre-start and safety meetings, conducting regular toolbox talks with our workforce, regular site and work area inspections, and completion of relevant pre-site and on-site inductions, assessments, and training.

Invested in Safety For All

Synaco works towards achieving a zero-harm workplace environment. Our focus is always safety-first, and our systematic delivery of safety-related toolbox talks give clients the chance to access site-based messaging around areas of risk.

We are committed to our robust Work, Health, Safety and Environment (WHSE) policy, aligned with local and national standards which covers the entire Synaco Group. We monitor compliance and review Risk Assessments annually, ensuring legislation is adhered to by all parties. Training and culture are at the forefront of our business, and we recognise the mutual responsibilities between Synaco, our employees, and our clients.

Our recent investment in SkyTrust, a tool that is tailored to accommodate the growth of our company, offers every staff member a deeper understanding and higher-level exposure to what it means to promote and advocate positive safety behaviours. The Synaco Safety Committee convenes monthly meetings to review, discuss, and implement internal and legislative updates, identify training opportunities for our teams, audit processes and compliance, as well as celebrate performance. We strive to go the extra mile, aiming to surpass other job agencies in our commitment to safety.

We’re By Your Side

In the instance that a workplace incident does occur, we are always on hand to immediately support a resolution with a trained team of consultants on managing these sensitively and diligently. Synaco will respond as soon as notified to provide support to our employees and conduct a full investigation into the event. Our dedicated Injury Management team work closely with our employees and external parties to provide an inclusive and encouraging return-to-work process.

The WHSE consulting and services we offer include:

  • WHS training for all new employees
  • Site-based local inductions.
  • Site safety assessments facilitated on an agreed frequency.
  • Regular toolbox talks tailored to work environments.
  • Support and guidance to achieve recognised accreditations.
  • Accident and incident reporting coupled with workplace rehabilitation programs for any affected employees.

Our policies are designed to provide certainty and assurance for employers. We work in partnership to support you at every stage. If you’d like to discuss any of our policies, we invite you to contact our recruitment consultants.

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