Passionate workforce

5 Ways To Build A Passionate Workforce

Maybe you feel totally lost when it comes to new ways of motivating your employees. Perhaps you’re not completely lost, but you’re not sure where to start.

As a leader, you have great power to rekindle passion in your team.  Through your actions and words, you can get an attitude shift and behaviour change in the team.

So how do you inspire your team to deliver superior results? Here are five ways to ignite the passion in your team.

Know What Really Matters to Your Employees

It’s impossible to know how to motivate people until you know what motivates them. You can’t expect that everybody is motivated by the same things. So, learn about your staff as individuals so you can become a better leader. Ask them about special talents, hobbies, and goals. Then tailor your behaviours accordingly

Lead by example

To inspire passion in others; you must first be passionate yourself. People follow someone who is passionate versus someone who is just going through the motions. First, believe in what you’re doing, and that conviction will spread. You can’t ignite passion with a wet match.

A Positive Work Environment

Having fun at work makes it a happier place to be and keeps the team motivated if they see that you care about their happiness as well. Taking your job seriously is not the same as taking yourself seriously. Have some fun in the way you deliver exceptional customer service. Customers like dealing with happy motivated people.

Create An Open Door Policy

It’s very important that your team is fully prepared and able to deal with any issues that customers may have. If their training is insufficient, they may feel inadequate. This can cause problems in the level of service and allow negativity to creep in. Encourage an open door policy with the team so they feel that they can ask for training or coaching without feeling stupid or inadequate.

Encourage A Level Of Autonomy

Nobody likes the feeling that a boss is looking over their shoulder all the time. While you have the responsibility for the work that’s being done, allow people to do their job and don’t micromanage them all the time.

Give them the opportunity to take ownership of a project and receive the accolades of doing a great job.  They will develop a better sense of self-worth and will work hard because they want you to know that they are reliable and will get the job done.

People get a chance to shine if they can roll up their sleeves and work hard to achieve the assigned tasks — and receive the corresponding praise and recognition for a job well done.

So, appreciate your staff, not just their contributions. Learn something new each day about one of your employees. Ask them about their families, hobbies, leisure activities, etc. Then weave this information into your interactions with them.