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Community Achievement Awards 2023: Synaco Safety Award recognises champions of safety in the workplace

Safety is a crucial aspect of the modern workplace that must be addressed to the highest standard to enable employees to have happy, productive, and purposeful working lives.

While safety standards have been steadily improving over the last decades, recent workplace death and injury statistics show that there remains a clear need for continued improvements in workplace safety.

According to Safe Work Australia, nearly 200 workers are still fatally injured at work every year, with construction and manufacturing listed among the top six industries that account for the biggest number of fatalities and serious injuries. Over 130,000 claims for work-related injury or illness were accepted in 2021. These numbers highlight the importance of keeping the spotlight on workplace safety and encouraging holistic improvement in that space.

As a provider of complete workplace solutions connecting outstanding talent with great employers, we at Synaco take workplace safety extremely seriously – and are passionate about identifying and promoting new initiatives that result in a safer working environment.

As part of our commitment to promoting workplace safety and encouraging safe workplace initiatives, we are proud to sponsor Synaco Safety Award as one of the categories of Community Achievement Awards.

What are Community Achievement Awards?

The purpose of Community Achievement Awards is to acknowledge, encourage, and reward significant contributions made throughout Queensland, New South Wales & ACT by individuals, companies, and communities to the wellbeing and prosperity of the state’s population.

Four years ago, Synaco joined Queensland Community Achievement Awards as one of the sponsors. We are delighted to see the Awards – started in 2002 with a regional focus – having grown into a televised State-wide event featuring a significant number of categories and such major sponsors as 7News and Bendigo Bank.

This year, we at Synaco are excited to extend our sponsorship to NSW & ACT Community Achievement Awards to also recognise outstanding workplace safety initiatives in that state.

What is Synaco Safety Award?

Synaco Safety Award’s purpose is to recognise and promote innovative safety initiatives that are displayed by an organisation or project. What we are looking for is a clear focus on safety in combination with a fresh, innovative, holistic approach to conducting workplace processes.

The safety initiatives we would like to recognise can address different aspects of safety. Such initiatives can involve a more formalised approach like training – or be directed at changing the overall culture of a workplace resulting in improved safety of employees, clients, and members of the community. 

How to apply for Synaco Safety Award

Nominations for Community Achievement Awards can be lodged online and are open until August 22, 2023 in Queensland and August 24, 2023 in NSW.

To nominate someone for Synaco Safety Awards, you need to make a submission that addresses the following:

  • A brief summary and background of the organisation or project you are nominating, along with a detailed explanation of the safety initiatives it demonstrates.
  • Describe the beneficiaries of the safety initiative.
  • Outline the goals – both short and long term – of the safety initiatives, along with any measurable outcomes achieved.
  • Describe what challenges and obstacles presented themselves during the implementation of the initiative and how those have been overcome.
  • Explain how the nominee’s workforce has been involved in promoting workplace safety.

You’ll also need to submit a brief 25-word summary of the project and its highlights.

After the nominations close, they will be considered and the finalists will be selected and invited to attend the Gala Awards Presentation Dinner held in November, where the winner will be announced and presented with a trophy and some great prizes.

Synaco Safety Award nominees have a great opportunity to receive positive media coverage that accompanies such events, showcasing both their business and their latest safety initiatives and making a positive impact on the wider community.

We at Synaco Global are working hard to ensure safe, productive workplaces

Being part of Synaco Global Recruitment, a 55-year-old global workforce solutions team, requires total commitment and focus on workplace safety to ensure that our employees are provided with the safe and supportive working environment they deserve. We achieve this by partnering with clients who fully share our goals.

The Australian-wide labour-hire recruitment services that we provide enable us to partner with employers of all sizes across many industries.

An important part of our unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our employees consists of our representative spending plenty of time in the field, attending pre-start and safety meetings, training sessions, inductions, and work area inspections, as well as other essential assessments.

At Synaco, we champion safe, productive workplaces – and would be more than happy to assist you with your next career move. The list of our current vacancies is available here.