Australian employment rates in 2022- are things really that good? 1

Australian employment rates in 2022: are things really that good?

You’ve probably heard it on the news already – Australia’s unemployment rate is sitting at 4.0%, the lowest it’s been for decades. The labour market in 2022 looks strong not only compared to April 2020 when Covid-related measures increased the unemployment rate to 6.2% – but even in comparison to the pre-Covid April 2019 when the rate was 5.2%.

Even more importantly, according to the ABS website, full-time employment is also on the increase, while underemployment – the number of people who would like to work more hours – is decreasing.

So, Australia definitely looks like a jobseeker’s market at the moment. But is the low unemployment rate trend likely to continue – and what effect the upcoming Australian elections are likely to have on the employment situation?

Let’s look at some industries that are among the largest employers in Australia and see how they are likely to be affected by the changes that the 2022 federal elections are likely to bring to the employment market.

The construction industry employment trends

One of Australia’s largest employers, the construction sector currently employs nearly 9% of the total Australian workforce. The industry has grown steadily over the past five years, with the number of people it employs increasing by more than 7% during that time.

Australian employment rates in 2022- are things really that good? 2

The construction industry growth has been underpinned by a number of factors, including record low interest rates that Australians enjoyed over the last decade. With the RBA recently increasing the official cash rate to 0.35% – and further increases likely later this year – it remains to be seen if the construction industry can continue to grow at the same pace or has to slow down due to decreasing demand.

Currently, the most sought after construction industry occupations include electricians, construction managers, carpenters and joiners, metal fitters and welders, and plumbers.

The mining industry employment trends

The mining industry is another large employer of Australians, employing over 2% of the total Australian workforce. Employment in the industry has been steadily growing, amounting to an over 20% increase over the last five years.

The worldwide demand for mineral resources that the mining industry produces is likely to continue to rise due to the ongoing population growth and increase in living standards all over the world. At the same time, some “net zero” policies that may be introduced by the government after the 2022 elections have the potential to affect the mining sector – although, it is hard to say at this stage how significant this effect may be.

At the moment though, the employment in the mining industry is booming, with such highly skilled professionals as mining engineers, metal fitters, electricians, electrical engineers and metallurgists being in hot demand.

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Employment rate forecast for the remainder of 2022

Elections always bring some uncertainty and increase the chances of new policies being introduced that are likely to affect the situation in the employment market.

Australian employment rates in 2022- are things really that good? 3

With regards to today’s situation, though, the RBA’s forecast for the Australian economy remains quite optimistic. Employment is forecast to continue growing strongly in 2022 before moderating in 2023. The workforce participation is forecast to remain historically high during that period, and the labour market conditions are expected to remain strong. 

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