Future Jobs in Australian Manufacturing


Manufacturing is part of the Australian story. Generations of Australians have helped our country become what it is today, thanks to their work in the manufacturing sector. It has also permitted many Australians to develop long and rewarding careers.

Today manufacturing remains a fast-paced industry, host to a growing workforce and a diverse number of employment prospects. In each state and territory of Australia, there are opportunities to take up manufacturing roles. Whether it’s in a factory, a plant or a mill, manufacturing combines machines and equipment that are as varied as the processes and products they produce.


Open The Door to Employment in Manufacturing

Manufacturing has a great legacy in Australia, with Australian-made cars, clothes and whitegoods all part of our national identity. The sector is now evolving, and now features a diverse range of product categories including machinery, furniture, chemicals, energy, and more. As technology progresses, advanced manufacturing is playing an even greater role in the Australian economy.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are close to 1 million people employed in the manufacturing sector in Australia. It is a growing part of the Australian economy, having seen a lift in employment of over 13% in the past five years.

Manufacturing also forms an integral part of many other industries; it is not limited to the production of finished goods. In fact manufacturing provides the chance to be part of exciting projects, and opens the door to employment in many different industries – such as jobs in mining, defence, construction and more. The skills developed in manufacturing roles are transferrable, and help to develop a set of lifelong skills for the future.


Recruitment Opportunities for a Dynamic Industry

There are several core roles which form the basis of any manufacturing operation. These include mechanical fitters, machining operators, gas welders, boilermakers and others. At Synaco we are always on the lookout for interested applicants in these roles. Here’s a snapshot!

  • Mechanical fitters maintain plant machinery and equipment, regularly conducting testing and making necessary repairs. They are responsible for fitting and assembling the parts that allow production machines to perform their role in the manufacturing process. The work of mechanical fitters helps to keep the machinery and equipment performing at full capacity.
  • In a similar way, boilermakers and gas welders are responsible for equipment – but with a focus on maintaining the operation of the boilers and other metal machinery. By casting, shaping, welding and bolting pieces of iron and steel, gas welders and boilermakers support the production process.


Who Should Apply for Jobs in Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is suited to those who are looking to take a hands-on approach to their career.

An interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is a good starting point for those thinking about exploring a career in manufacturing.

Although a post-school qualification is not necessarily required for entry-level jobs in this area of work, roles requiring a higher level of skill – such as mechanical fitters – are usually filled by those who have completed a VET qualification and/or an apprenticeship. A certificate or higher qualification will provide the skills that allow you to develop yourself professionally and progress further in manufacturing.

If you have an interest in exploring a dynamic career in manufacturing, Synaco is a recruitment agency with the ability to connect you with vacancies in the manufacturing sector.


A Job Agency for the Manufacturing Sector

As one of the leading Australian employment agencies, Synaco has a national network through which it is able to source a broad range of roles in manufacturing. Over the past ten years, Synaco has successfully placed many jobseekers into jobs within the manufacturing sector. As such, we are a job agency with extensive experience in guiding candidates towards a career in manufacturing.

Compared to other recruitment agencies, the Synaco difference lies in our focus on the individual. We get to know each candidate, follow their journey at every stage, and prioritise their safety on the worksite.

We can also help you take a long-term view of your career. Synaco is a recruitment agent that maintains its relationships with clients, supporting them to excel in their roles and progress in their chosen career. Synaco can help you make the most of the opportunities that are open now and emerging in the future.

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