Labour hire - How to get the best employees for manufacturing 1

Labour hire – How To Get The Best Employees For Manufacturing


As a manufacturing business owner, you know that your facility can’t run efficiently without the right staff. After all, many aspects of a manufacturing business require experienced, motivated, and dedicated employees. Unfortunately, finding these individuals can be challenging. 

At Synaco Global, our dedicated teams of passionate and trusted recruitment professionals can help find an employee that is not only suitable for your business but will also thrive in your work environment. Our service in recruitment and consulting is second to none, demonstrated by the attention we dedicate to our candidates, listening to all your needs and presenting reliable and quality opportunities that meet your needs.

So how can you get the best employees for your manufacturing business? Read on to discover the best strategies to finding the perfect people for your facility’s needs.  

What to look for in new manufacturing employees


Supervisors aren’t always available to oversee every problem in your facility. That’s why the manufacturing industry requires employees capable of making intelligent, in-the-moment decisions to prevent unforeseen issues in the future. So look for applicants with a proven history of problem-solving. 

Attention to detail

Attention to detail – or lack thereof – can make or break the quality of your product. It can also ensure optimal production speeds, reduce downtime and improve overall productivity. 

Labour hire - How to get the best employees for manufacturing 2

Choosing a candidate with strong attention to detail is also essential for safety reasons. Your new hire may be required to operate heavy machinery or move heavy stock. A slight lapse in judgement could result in injury. 

Technical aptitude

Technology evolves quickly in the manufacturing industry. Once upon a time, all manufacturing employees only needed to know how to operate the typical factory machinery. Now, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and 3D printing are just as much a part of manufacturing as assembly lines. Search for an employee that has the skills to adapt and thrive to new technologies.

How to get the best employees for manufacturing 

Build your brand

Top candidates don’t want to work for any old company. They want to work with a business that is authentic and aligns with their values. So ensure that you create a consistent, genuine brand identity across all your social media platforms. Do this by:

  • Using the art of storytelling. Storytelling is an excellent way of making your company stand out from all the others. Share your workplace values and culture, and highlight the desirable career paths in your business. Just remember not to exaggerate – people can tell when something isn’t genuine.  
  • Showing how important workplace safety is. Ensure that your brand story demonstrates your commitment to employee safety and well-being. 
  • Leveraging corporate marketing. Many corporates have a large marketing budget. Use this to your advantage – take the existing corporate brand one step further by showcasing your employer style. 

Consider those who aren’t applying

A 2020 report by Job Seeker Nation showed that 63% of all employees are satisfied with their current jobs – yet 48% of those workers are open to new roles. This means that the perfect person for your company may not be actively searching for a new position but could be interested if it was presented to them. 

Get the word out about your new opening with social media posts, blogs and email marketing. Remember to show what makes your business unique and why your potential employee should work for you. 

Previous applicants are also a great source for new employees. Even though they weren’t hired before, they still possess valuable skills and qualities. Use email marketing campaigns to nurture these candidates until you’re ready to revisit them.  

Offer nonmonetary peaks and benefits 

Millennials are technologically savvy, and many prefer worklife perks over pay. In fact, 45% of millennials prefer flexible work environments over income. In simple terms, younger people want to choose when and where they work, rather than working traditional 9 to 5 jobs. 

Labour hire - How to get the best employees for manufacturing 3

As well as working flexible hours, many millennials want careers that provide a sense of personal fulfilment and growth. 

Offer flextime arrangements, mentoring programs and additional training and licensing opportunities. Show potential employees that there is room to grow in your company, as well as flexibility around their working hours. 

Understand your candidate journey 

High volume roles call for an efficient hiring process. Any delays or oversights can cause alienate potential candidates and damage relationships. Understanding the employee journey can lead to better, faster hires. 

Access your current process

Examine your current hiring process. How long does each step take? Are there any shortcomings? Do you have any limitations – for example, budget or time-poor managers?

Map it out

Create a candidate journey map of the entire process. Remember that the journey starts before any direct contact with the applicant, so remember to include the steps related to sourcing and engaging with prospects. The progress also doesn’t end once your new worker accepts your offer, so include any onboarding and training actions. This can influence how long a new employee stays with your company. 

Ask existing employees for referrals

Referrals from your existing employees can be extremely valuable if you lack recruiting resources. After all, referrals are easier, faster and far more cost-effective. Not to mention that your employees can sing your praises to new candidates, enticing them to work for you.

Spread the word of your new job opening through whichever channel you use to communicate with your employees. Make sure that when you share the news of a new job, you do it in a format that’s easy to share with others – like a social media post or email. 

Use this as an opportunity to receive feedback on your referral programs from your current employees. They may have some brilliant ideas that could improve your hiring process. Synaco is a leading recruitment agency specialising in labour hire in many industry sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, defence and technology, construction, mining and resources. Contact us here to find out how we can help your business.