What To Do When You’re Running Late For An Interview


This happens to all of us at some time. 

So what about if you are running late for that all important job interview?

You thought you had this nailed and did everything right, right?
– You were prepared.
– You worked out what you were wearing the night before.
– Google maps is ready to take you there (If you are driving).
– You’ve got fuel.
– You know what time to leave in order to be there early.
– You even drove there beforehand so you know where to park and how long this will take.

The list goes on. Then, something completely and utterly out of your control, that the universe decides has to happen on the exact day and time you need to be at an interview.

Such as:
– As you were busily ironing your selected clothes, you overheated the iron and it left a mark.
– Quickly get another shirt or blouse. 
– Your car has decided it’s not starting today.
– Call a taxi or get an UBER immediately. Deal with the car problem later.
– The bus or train is running late or worse has been cancelled due to an issue.
– Wait for the next one, if there is time, or get a taxi or UBER.
– You are driving to your interview and hear on the radio there is an incident in the direction you are going and traffic is being delayed.
– If you are hands free, call the recruiter immediately. They may even be aware of the situation too.
– Flat tyre.
– Definitely call the recruiter immediately, and for this one, you will probably have to reschedule.

Get the drift?

If you ever find yourself dealing with any of the above scenarios, or any other situation that could hinder you getting to an interview on time, follow these basic steps:

✔ Don’t stress. Life happens and we’ve all been there. You’ll be ok.
✔ Call your recruiter and let them know what has happened prior to your interview, not after. They will more than likely understand and hopefully be ok with a delay of 5-10 minutes.
✔ If you are really not going to make it, apologize and ask to reschedule. They will appreciate your honesty and for respecting their time. Everyone is busy. 
✔ If you call the recruiter and get no answer, they may be in another interview. Call the main office number and leave a message for them.
✔ Leave a message on their voice mail.
✔ Send an email and a text. You can then demonstrate you have done everything possible to let them know what has happened.
✔ Above all, do not let a bad situation become a bad interview.

Remember, you’ve got this!