notification of injury

Notification of Injury

Don’t delay…report today.

On the job injuries are more common than you think.  In fact, laborers are three times more likely to become injured at work than workers in any other industries.  It’s a risky business!   

Many people who get injured at work think that the pain will go away in a couple of days, so they don’t want to go to the trouble of reporting an incident.  Imagine this scenario, you go to work on Friday and injure your back lifting something heavy.  You decide to go home, rest and see how it feels on Monday morning, before reporting the incident.  In the eyes of compensation laws there is no evidence that the incident happened in the workplace and not reporting an incident quickly can leave you in a very vulnerable situation.   

It may seem uncomfortable as a worker to raise the issue of an injury, particularly as it may leave you feeling insecure about your position.   The reality is injuries are a constant of any workplace, regardless of whether its hard labour or office work, and most employers understand this.  After all, that’s why they have insurance. 

So how you respond to incidents is critical to your safety and potentially your future.  Most organisations invest a lot of money to ensuring that you as staff, are well trained in work safe practices.  You are expected to know how and when to report any accident, injuries or hazards that happen at work. 

So how soon must an injury at work be reported?

Whatever the injury, it is recommended that its always reported to a supervisor or employer as quickly as possible, ideally the same day.  This way the correct steps can be taken to ensure you are supported to a full recovery, the hazard is eliminated from being a threat to others, and any insurance claims can be processed smoothly. 

What happens after an injury has been reported?

Once the injury has been recorded, your employer can begin taking steps to assist with your recovery.  The sooner the treatment starts, the quicker you can return to work.  Any injury, whether it required medical treatment or not, can get worse if not attended to correctly.  If your employer is aware of your injury, steps can be taken to alter your duties so as not to aggravate an injury further.  These recommendations are usually made by a medical professional and are kept under reviewed until your back to good health. 

If you’d like more information on this important topic, check out Safe Work Australia articles, it is a great resource on helping you understand your rights if you are recovering from a work related injury.