why housekeeping is important

Why housekeeping is important

To some people, the word “housekeeping” means cleaning floors, removing dust, and organizing clutter. But in a work setting, it means much more. Housekeeping is crucial to safe workplaces and a good routine will help keep you safe from hazards. So what are the benefits of keeping things spick and span? Slips, trips, falls, cuts, and punctures are just a few of the injuries that can be related to poor housekeeping. So, where do you start?

Here are some ways that you and your co-workers can do your bit to keep everyone safe at work:

 Prevent slips, trips and falls

  • Report and clean up spills and leaks
  • Keep aisles and exits clear of items
  • Replace worn, ripped or damaged flooring
  • Eliminate slippery conditions from walkways and working surfaces.

Eliminate fire hazards

  • Keep combustible materials in the work area only in amounts needed for the job
  • Store quick-burning, flammable materials in designated locations away from ignition sources
  • Avoid contaminating clothes with flammable liquids
  • Keep passageways and fire doors free of obstructions
  • Any hazards in electrical areas should be reported asap

Prevent falling objects

  • Shut file cabinet drawers when not in use and open one filing cabinet drawer at a time
  • Store heavy objects close to the floor and out of walkways
  • Store tools, equipment and materials properly

Clear clutter

  • Tidy up desks or workstations
  • Return tools and other materials to storage after using them
  • Dispose of materials that are no longer needed
  • Keep aisles, stairways, emergency exits, and doors clear of clutter
  • Ensure all cords are properly secured and covered
  • Make sure cups, glasses and containers have lids on them

Good housekeeping is everyone’s responsibility. It doesn’t matter what position you hold or what type of task you are performing; keeping your work area tidy is every employee’s obligation.

Doing your bit will go a long way in showing your co-workers that you want everyone to go home safe at the end of each day.

Plus, a clean and tidy atmosphere improves morale and lets you feel proud of your workplace. So please, make it your mission not to work in unsafe conditions.